Friday, October 10, 2008

Beach Polo Monday Oct 27th!

lets get together and go out to the beach and play polo.
matt from dc whom none of us know will be intown with his polo bike and ready for some action. so lets treat our guest right and take him out to the sacred beach court!

3pm meet on strong st to catch rides out there!

polo still on mondays and wednesdays tyring to get out to the downtown courts around 8pm! meet up on strong st!


Matt said...

I'm Definitely still coming into town on Monday 10/27. I'll be staying out at the beach monday night, then I'll be close to the I-110 courts until Thursday morning.

New Orleans Bike Polo said...

Do you ever play on the weekends? Us here in New Orleans have been talking about coming down. Your courts are much smoother than our serrated concrete rooftop.

If yall ever want to come down for some riding, drinking, and polo just holler.