Wednesday, February 25, 2009


thanks to everyone that came from all over and in town to first ever bike polo spring break and sespi one. we had some bumps but we made it through it and now next yearwill be even better with better courts and the whatnots. pick up games through the week, trips to new orleans, beach house and hotel room parties, beach beach beach, hot boiled peanuts, zip ties out the wazoo, you kids and your pool hockey, airport pick ups and al that other junk that stays on bike polo spring break.

here is the break down of the sespi one:

round robin results will be posted soon.

double elimination tournament on sunday with only 16 of 22 teams (4 dropped out and 2 played for the wildcard spot that lost once they got snuck into the bracket)

thanks to rsc rentals for the lighting

thanks to all our sponsors for great prizes and all the other help they generated including TRULY SPOKEN for coming out court side for free repairs, Paradise Inn Bar & Grill for hosting us, the after parties and goldsprints, Pensacola Hardware for the zip ties, Sluggo's for another great night of goldsprints, food, drinks & music, Santa Rosa Island Authority for working with us, Hopjacks and New York Nicks for monetary support and all our prize sponsors!

BLAQ, Paradise Inn Bar & Grill/Beach Homes, Milwaukee Bicycle Co., vaya bags, Transient bags co., RSC equipment rental, New York Nicks, Pensacola Hardware, Cognition, BICI, FBM fixed, R.E. Load, yanco pads, Total Polo Laboratories, St. Cago Polo Works, heart of gold clothing, spokepunchers, 66 fixed (st pete), burro bags

photos from the weekend here:
send us your links to your photos!

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