Sunday, May 24, 2009

HEY PENSACOLA we have some POLO visitors from LEXINGTON KENTUCKY that some of us met at the ESPI4 in BOSTON so lets play some polo!

WEDNESDAY MAY 27th 5PM BLOUNT ST COURTS (lets play early in the daylight *hopefully* since the lights have been weird) and if rain or dark comes lets play at the PARKING GARAGE DOWNTOWN!

SUNDAY MAY 31st BEACH POLO @ the street hockey courts near the school on the BEACH 2PM!!

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Anonymous said...

pensacola bikers,
my names Annee... im from orlando but currently live in Savannah GA for school... i am planning on coming to pensacola in a week or so but the house i was going to stay at bailed on me... I was wondering if there were any bikers/polo players/whatever that would offer their floor to my roommate and i for a night or two? were looking to hang out / play polo / catch up with a few friends. (we would stay with these friends but theyre currently living with their mommys after graduating college)
we would provide our own food, drinks, blankets and tp.
if so, please contact me at: 407 497 0871.

Anonymous said...

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